Mother’s Day forecast: Beautiful day with some occasional winds

Mother’s Day forecast: Beautiful day with some occasional winds

El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — Happy Saturday, El Paso.

Saturday is a beautiful day and I hope you all had the chance to see those Northern Lights shining throughout the city Friday night.

And good news for anyone who missed it: You may get another chance Saturday night or Sunday. This is all happening because of the severe geomagnetic storm was triggered by solar flares and eruptions by the sun. The geomagnetic storm is forecasted to continue until Sunday night.

I love science, don’t you?

Without further ado, if you have any plans for Mother’s Day on Sunday, it is the perfect time to make them happen.

On Sunday, we are forecasting plenty of sunshine. There is only one negative and that is we may see occasional westerly winds ranging from 15-25 mph. Other than that, use this day to go to brunch, go for a swim and enjoy your time with loved ones. Our high sits at a comfortable 86 degrees with a overnight low of 64 degrees.

For Monday, things begin to change. Our high is predicted to reach 90 degrees with a windy afternoon. We aren’t expecting to see any dust for this day. For the next few days, we definitely can expect a slight haze.

Tuesday, the pattern continues except our weather conditions are forecasted to be gusty and dusty. We warm up just a tad to 92 degrees for our high. In the evening, we take a dip to 63 degrees.

Wednesday, winds are forecasted to still linger around. Again, we have the chance of seeing a slight haze as those powerful winds are expected to pick up. The high is predicted to reach 90 degrees with a low of 65 degrees.

We get a small break for Thursday. It’s a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, and we warm up to 91 degrees. Wearing sunscreen at this time would probably be the best idea.

Winds return for Friday once again, with a forecasted high of 90 degrees and overnight low of 65.

As we make our way into the weekend, we dry up once again. Beautiful weather will be in for the remainder of the week. Our highs fluctuate from the mid- and upper-90s.

Lastly, Monday’s high is forecasted to be 99 degrees. This may be the closest we’ve been to those triple digits this season. Get your sunscreen and bathing suits ready.

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I will not be in on Mother’s Day. I will be using the day to celebrate with my little one and the the mothers in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to new moms, soon-to-be moms, those who lost their mother, the fur-baby moms, stepmoms and any grieving mothers. You are special and you make the world go round. I hope you realize how much you mean to me and all the mothers within the community.

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