The Most Popular Horror Films by City and State

Most popular film: "Alien."

Ever wonder what the most popular horror film in your city or state was? Well, here’s your chance!

Halloween Express compiled the top 20 highest rated horror feature films from IMDB and analyzed the Google trends data to see where people searched for what movie the most, the Daily Dot reports.

The results? Alien is the most popular horror movie in most states, followed by Psycho and The Exorcist. In terms of cities, Friday the 13th is the most popular horror film in New York City and Bram Stoker’s Dracula the most popular in D.C. Halloween is the most searched for film in Orlando, whereas a few miles away in Miami, Carrie dominates search engine results. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, The Shining, which takes place in the Rockies, is most popular in Denver.

Halloween Express even created a list of streaming sites that you can watch said-horror films at, which is beyond helpful and a great way to ensure that you’ll have something to watch this Halloween.

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