These are the most expensive states to die in: Here is where California ranks

It’s no surprise that living in California is expensive, but the same could be true when it comes to dying in the Golden State.

A new report from Forbes Advisor shows that California is one of the most expensive places to die, ranking 6th on the top 10 list.

Researchers analyzed funeral costs and end-of-life medical expenses in all 50 states to determine the ranking. The funeral expense inflation rates data came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index Reports and funeral cost data came from the National Funeral Directors Association, the report said.

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In California, death-related expenses can cost $27,428 on average, with the average cost of a funeral with viewing and cremation totaling $10,091 – $2,355 more than the national average of $7,736, according to the report.

The national average of death-related expenses is $24,204; the median funeral cost is $7,736 and the average end-of-life medical expense of $16,468.

Alaska topped the list as the most expensive place to die, while Kentucky was the cheapest. In the Bluegrass State, death-related expenses totaled $20,366.34, researchers found.

These are the top 10 most expensive states to die in


  • Total Cost: $33,742


  • Total Cost: $32,722


  • Total Cost: $29,481

New Hampshire

  • Total Cost: $28,279


  • Total Cost: $28,156


  • Total Cost: $27,428

New York

  • Total Cost: $26,413


  • Total Cost: $26,360


  • Total Cost: $25,925

Rhode Island

  • Total Cost: $25,790

The complete study can be viewed here.

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