The Most Evocative Magazine Covers of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Esther Zuckerman
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The Most Evocative Magazine Covers of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Weekly magazines may fewer and fewer, but after the week of the Boston Marathon bombing, they mean more and more right now. Indeed, covers have started to emerge, and some are beautiful, some are iconic, some are controversial. We've collected some of the major titles to release new issues since the bombing, and we'll post more as they hit the web and newsstands....

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The New Yorker 

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The New Yorker cover, as New Yorker covers tend to be, is beautifully subtle. In a blog post the artist, Eric Drooker, said: "A bomb at a marathon, right at the finish line of a festive occasion—it seemed almost like a mixed metaphor, incongruous and absurd. Those are just the things that flashed through my head as I started painting." 

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Sports Illustrated

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Sports Illustrated, which released its cover early in the week, used a frame from one of the most iconic photo angles from the tragedy. Here's the backstory from Boston Globe photographer John Tlumacki.

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The cover of Time's tablet-only edition is graphic, and upsetting to some. The Boston Globe had the story behind the image.  

RedEye Chicago

Though not a magazine, we wanted to include the simple, poignant and, yes, even humorous cover of The Chicago Tribune pullout today. Yes. We could use a reset.