Moscow mass shooters claimed to be Tajik nationals and ISIS fighters

Two out of four suspects of the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall
Two out of four suspects of the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall

Russian media claims to have allegedly identified four people who opened fire at Crocus City Hall shopping center in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, with their names were published by Russian Telegram channel Baza on March 23.

According to channel, all four are citizens of Tajikistan:

  • Mahmadrasul Nasridinov, 37 years old

  • Rivojidin Ismonov, 51 years old

  • Shohinjonn Safolzoda, 21 years old

  • Rustam Nazarov, 29 years old

They were registered in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Samara oblasts.

In addition, propagandists claim that two suspects in the shooting have already been detained in Bryansk Oblast.

Tajikistan's Foreign Ministry has not confirmed the involvement of Tajik nationals in the shooting at the Crocus City Hall.

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The ministry said in a Facebook post that Dushanbe had not received confirmation from Russia regarding "the fake information currently circulating about the involvement of Tajik citizens" in the shooting. The country's Foreign Ministry asked not to disseminate unverified information.

Meanwhile, the Islamic fundamentalist group ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the mass shooting at Crocus City Hall, according to independent Russian TV channel Dozdh (Rain).

Dozdh notes that the announcement used a template that ISIS no longer uses, raising concerns about the authenticity of the ISIS claim.

CNN also reported that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a short statement published by the group's affiliated Amaq news agency. The group has not provided evidence to confirm its involvement in the shooting.

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According to U.S. newspaper The Washington Post, two U.S. officials told the publication that, according to U.S. data, ISIS, which operates in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, is also active in Russia.

Shooting in Crocus City Hall on March 22

On evening of March 22, several people in camouflage opened fire with assault rifles at people who had come to see the band Picnic play at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast. According to eyewitnesses, the shooters also threw a Molotov cocktail, and a fire broke out.

All tickets to the concert were sold out, and according to media reports, up to 7,200 people could have been in the building. At time of publication, the death toll stands at 93 killed, and over 100 injured.

Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) representative Andriy Yusov blamed the shooting at the Crocus City Hall concert hall on the Kremlin's special services.

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On March 8, the US Embassy warned its citizens in Russia about the threat of a terrorist attack in Moscow. American diplomats stated that the attack could be carried out in crowded places, such as a concert.

Putin is said to have reportedly denied the U.S. warning, instead blaming the "West" for attempting to "intimidate" Russia.

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