Morgan Freeman Calls Obama 'A Bit Too Regular To Be President Of The United States'

Morgan Freeman poses at the 39th AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Morgan Freeman held at Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, Calif., on June 9, 2011 -- Getty Premium

Morgan Freeman has lived through quite a few Presidents in his 74 years, but when he met the current Commander in Chief, he wasn't left awestruck.

"I've met him on a number of occasions," Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of his Lifetime Achievement Award honor from the American Film Institute. "He's a very nice guy. He might be just a little bit too regular to be the President of the United States 'cause he's a young guy, he likes to play basketball, and I've noticed that he has a Chicago walk.

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"Watch him when he walks up to the podium," the actor continued. "He doesn't walk up one, two, three, stop. He goes one, two and one, two. He's got a little bit of a beat to it."

Freeman's comments came after the actor was asked if he thought playing the president in "Deep Impact" helped open doors for African-American political candidates, including Obama.

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"I don't think so," Freeman replied to that question. "The public will accept a lot of things in the movies that they won't accept in real life."

In fact, Freeman pushed away a further question about helping to break down color barriers with his talent.

When THR asked if he helped make casting directors "more open to color blind casting," because his "Shawshank Redemption" character was originally meant to be an Irishman, Freeman wouldn't take much credit.

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"I certainly hope so, but in that instance, the Screen Actors Guild was pushing for open casting at the time. I was just a beneficiary," he said.

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