Some More Moms for the Media to Make Up

David Wagner
October 3, 2012
Some More Moms for the Media to Make Up

Today, Esther Zuckerman listed all the condescending terms reporters have come up with to describe undecided female voters. We've already read about "Starbucks moms," "mortgage moms," and "minivan moms." One of our commenters was inspired to coin a few more categories of mom. Sara L. Rose writes: 

Suggested others: *Mom's moms *NASCAR moms *Harvard moms *Designated moms *Old-School moms *Rock 'n Roll moms *Help I'm a moms

Romney's definitely got a lock on the NASCAR moms, and Obama's J.D. from Harvard could help him sway the Harvard moms. But who knows which way those unpredictable designated moms will swing. It will be interesting to see how the candidates pander to them during tonight's debate.