More Holiday Shoppers "Showrooming"

More Holiday Shoppers "Showrooming" by Ray Steele - | @WIBC_RaySteele 11/24/2012 While some Holiday shoppers are cleaning out store shelves, many of them are doing a different type of shopping that's becoming more common - showrooming. Listen: It is the practice of going to a retail store to look at an item in which you are interested, then purchasing the item from an online or other retailer, usually at a lower price.  Kevin Sterneckert with the marketing and research firm Gartner estimates that more than half of all shoppers will do some showrooming this Holiday season.Showrooming is more than 'sampling the merchandise' in a store, then going home to purchase an item from an online retailer such as Amazon.  Sterneckert says some people are using mobile devices to make purchases from a store's competitor while they are still inside the store.Many stores, such as Best Buy, have offered to match any advertised price from other retailers in an effort to stop showrooming, but Sterneckert says it's about more than price.  He says customers revel in the freedom to make whatever purchases they want whenever they want, and that traditional stores can hold on to customers by providing excellent customer service. Indiana News Send to a friend Share This Subscribe to channel Copyright by © 2012. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.