More than half of US workers want to quit their jobs in 2023, a new survey shows

resignation letter
An overwhelming number of professionals feel confident about their job prospects in 2023, according to a LinkedIn survey.Pattanaphong Khuankaew / EyeEm/Getty Images
  • 61% of US employees are considering handing in their resignations in 2023, according to a LinkedIn survey.

  • While half of the respondents are fearful of layoffs, 95% of them are confident about their career prospects.

  • A near record high of 4.2 million US workers left their jobs voluntarily in November 2022.

The Great Resignation isn't quite done yet.

Despite recent massive layoffs at high-profile companies and fears of a global recession, about 61% of American workers are thinking about quitting in 2023, per LinkedIn, which conducted a survey in December polling over 2,000 workers in the US.

And not surprisingly, younger workers are mostly likely to hand in their notices.

About three-quarters, or 72%, of the Gen Z are thinking about quitting, while two-thirds, or 66% of millennials are also considering such a move, LinkedIn told Insider. In contrast, just about half, or 55%, of the Gen X and one-third, or 30%, of Baby Boomers are thinking of putting in their papers.

The survey also found an overwhelming 95% of professionals feel confident about their career prospects in the 2023, wrote Catherine Fisher, LinkedIn's vice president for integrated data and consumer communications, in a Wednesday post. That's even though half of the survey respondents are afraid of layoffs.

"This confidence is showing up in the majority of people asking for raises or looking for their next job," wrote Fisher. That's because employees are have come to realize "jobs come and go, but their careers are here to stay," she added. Fisher also advised people to focus on the "long game" of building a career, rather than being fixated on their current jobs.

Latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 4.2 million employees left their positions voluntarily in November 2022 — near a record high of 4.53 million in November 2021.

And despite high-profile tech layoffs, the US labor market remains robust, as smaller firms continue hiring, Insider's Jennifer Ortakales Dawkins and Madison Hoff reported on January 15.

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