More evidence suggests that the iPhone 5c is a dud

Brad Reed
What can we learn from the iPhone 5c and Windows 8 flops?

Is the iPhone 5c a flop? That’s tough to say without knowing Apple’s internal expectations for the device but if the company expected that a cheaper iPhone would sell at equal or higher volumes than the iPhone 5s then it was sorely mistaken. The latest numbers from Localytics estimate that the iPhone 5s now accounts for 3.8% of all iPhones in use worldwide while the iPhone 5c accounts for just 1.7%. This suggests that the 5s has outsold the 5c by a ratio of around 2.23 to 1, which is somewhat surprising given that the 5c was billed by many as a lower cost alternative that would appeal to more budget-minded consumers. Going forward it will be interesting to see whether more aggressive pricing helps push the iPhone 5c’s volume upward compared to its more expensive counterpart.

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