More evidence child-welfare workers lost track of girl who was beaten to death

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - An inquiry into the death of a Manitoba girl has heard more evidence of confusion in the child-welfare system.

The inquiry is examining the case of Phoenix Sinclair, who, at the age of five, was beaten to death by her mother and mother's boyfriend after being removed taken from a caregiver.

A social assistance worker has testified that she discovered the girl was living with her mother in April 2004.

The worker says she investigated and found that child and family services had put Phoenix in the care of a family friend because of concerns about the mother's ability to take care of the girl.

The discovery was only made because the mother had applied for her welfare benefits to be increased to reflect the fact she had care of the girl.

The worker, who cannot be identified under a court order, says she passed the information to child-welfare workers, but she says there was confusion as to whether the mother was really forbidden from having her daughter.