More air defence systems, tanks, artillery and shells: Zelenskyy on "powerful decisions" of ninth Ramstein

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At the ninth Contact meeting for the Defence of Ukraine in Brussels, the Western partners of Ukraine confirmed that Ukraine would receive more air defence systems, tanks, artillery and shells, as well as more training for its military.

Source: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, in an evening address on 14 February

Quote: "Today is the day of another Ramstein format, the meeting of the Contact group of military support of Ukraine. 54 partner states. Ninth meeting of this format. And new powerful decisions in favour of the defence of our country and strengthening our troops were made.

Supply of more air defence systems was confirmed by our partners. Supply of a bigger quantity of tanks was confirmed. More artillery and shells. More training for our troops. As it was stated today, Ukraine must be successful. Here we agree: there must be success.

Of course, not all decisions made at the Ramstein meeting can be made public. Many of the agreements and discussions should be left behind closed doors of the Contact Group meeting. But I can say for sure that basic tendencies remain unchanged. Ukraine and its partners are making joint efforts to defeat the terrorist state as soon as possible."

Details: Zelenskyy stated that "the Kremlin is trying to squeeze all aggression potential out of Russia" and Russians are in a hurry because they know that "the world is stronger anyway but needs time to gather its forces."

The Ukrainian leader stressed that speed is very important everywhere: in making and fulfilling decisions, in armament supplies and training of troops.

He thanked Ukraine’s partners who realise that speed saves people’s lives and "brings back safety". In particular, he expressed his gratitude to Americans for their leadership and systematic coordination of the Ramstein meetings.

Quote: "Today I met with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada who was on a visit in Ukraine. Our conversation was also, so to say, Ramstein-inspired. Above all, we discussed the defence support, new armament for Ukraine, new sanctions against Russia.

I thanked Canada for the support already provided. We discussed with the Minister in detail what Ukraine needs to continue pushing the occupiers away from our land.

We are actively preparing for the foreign policy measures of the second half of this week. We must stride through this week with the same spirit that Ramstein started it with – adding results in favour of Ukraine every day."

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