More than 30 people tell Action 9 Frigidaire oven glass shattered

People continue reaching out to Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke saying the glass on their ovens shattered. They all say it’s the same brand, Frigidaire.

Thirty-five people from 18 states have contacted him about this issue since December 2021.

“I was standing here at the sink and my sister was over and we (were) just chitchatting, and then all of a sudden — boom. It was like, ‘What was that?’” Tiney Bowman, who lives in Wingate, said. “I’m glad my puppy wasn’t standing there because she likes to sit around it and so she could have got the glass on her.”

Of the 35 people who’ve contacted Action 9, a dozen said their appliances weren’t on or even warm when the glass shattered.


Many, including Bowman, said their ovens weren’t that old but were out of warranty, and that the company wouldn’t pay for repairs or a new one.

“With so many people contacting you about the appliance, it should definitely be a recall,” Bowman told Stoogenke.

For months, Stoogenke has asked Frigidaire’s parent company, Electrolux, if it is planning a recall. The company says it takes safety seriously but there has not been a recall issued yet.

In the meantime, be extra careful around the glass. For example, make sure you don’t use the oven door to push in the racks.

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