Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum refutes suggestions he has ties with the Mafia

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - Montreal's mayor says he is not in league with the Mafia and does not fear them.

Michael Applebaum has been the subject of rumours and allegations in the last few days — with the latest involving his visit to a restaurant for a fundraiser a decade ago.

The Montreal restaurant was a well-known hangout for members of Montreal's Mafia.

Applebaum told a news conference this morning he is a man of integrity and transparency who has nothing to hide.

Applebaum says the fundraiser he attended in 2003 was perfectly legal and was organized by the Union Montreal party at a time when he was simply a city councillor.

The mayor says there is no scandal and he has nothing to hide.

He says he has never given or received kickbacks or been involved in any cases of preferential treatment.

Applebaum says he's not afraid of the Mafia and that he doesn't know anyone in the Mob.