Months after 3 men found dead in Northland backyard, families still await answers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The snow has melted, and flowers are blooming outside of the Northland home where the bodies of three men were found in January.

In the months since that day, the families of those men say they’ve grown frustrated at the lack of information.

“If there was a person that knew what was in whatever was consumed that night, and didn’t warn anybody, they should be held accountable. And that’s my fear, it won’t happen,” Jennifer Marquez, the mother of David Harrington, one of the victims, said.

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For now, it’s the mystery that continues to boggle the mind. How did three grown men, Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson, end up dead in the backyard of their friend’s home? And lie there for days?

“It’s so hard not knowing anything – like not hearing anything.” Marquez said.

The lack of information from police and prosecutors continues to keep these families up at night.

“We need to know something is going on – we need updates – we need to be told this is not a dead case,” she said.

New on Wednesday, we now know that the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office is in communication with the fifth man’s lawyer.

That fifth man was the last person to see Harrington, McGeeney and Johnson alive – besides Jordan Willis.

Willis, the man who lived in the home, at last check was in rehab. The toxicology reports came back weeks in advance of when families thought they would, those reports showed the men had cocaine and fentanyl in their systems.

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But more than three months later, 105 days to be exact, whomever is responsible thus far has escaped accountability.

“It’s not easy and any parent that’s gone through this knows what I’m talking about. It’s hard – very hard.” Marquez said.

In a statement to FOX4, Kansas City police said:

“Our agency remains in contact and continues to work with the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office for review of any applicable charges.”

FOX4 reached out to the prosecutor’s office and the attorney for Willis on Wednesday, asking for any updates they could provide. They had not responded by the time this story was published, but we’ll update it if they do.

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