Barack Obama masks, creepy anti-littering ads and monsters singing Depeche Mode

Rob Walker, Yahoo News
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Via the Tumblr It's No Biggie

Rob Walker | @YahooTech

Hey, big congrats to the Miami Heats! Or the San Antonio Spur? Not sure. Whatever. Tim Duncan seems nice, though, doesn’t he? Anyway, deflect awkward NBA finals conversations that no one wants to have by directing your colleagues’ attention to these lovely diversions.

Product of the Week: Handvas. A 3D-printed poster-display system you’ll want to … grab?

Anti-Social(Media) Product of the Week: A beer glass designed to pin down your annoying drinking companion’s mobile device, The Offline Glass.

Do You Find Talking to Humans a Little … Awkward? Maybe you can improve your social skills by spending a lot of time talking to a weird Uncanny Valley figure! Via a computer screen! That should help. Right? More info: Popular Science.

Cancel all meetings: And enjoy some crushingly adorable animated monsters performing painfully pathetic cover versions of familiar songs: My cover of… | Kristof Luyckx. At least submit to the “worm monster” doing Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” Creators Project interviews the heroic creator of these six (short) videos, Krist Luyckx, here.

Beautifully Drawn GIFs: It’s No Biggie Tumblr, via Swiss Miss.

Beautifully Drawn … Air Brakes? All My Eyes redeems wasted time on eBay by sharing unexpected visual delights, like this unlikely, but impressive, portfolio.

Are You Bad At Your Job? Actually, I don’t want to know. But this supremely horrible air freight handler, slinging and hurling packages with aggressive disdain for whatever might be in them, will make you feel like a hero no matter how little you care about what you’re paid to do. (Voiceover commentary provided by the fellow who shot this video through a plane window, and who occasionally cusses.)

Download Your Obama Google Glass / PRISM Mask: Here.

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Jack White Voice-O-Graph Recording:Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Impressive, but, really, Jack White, maybe ease up. We’re all tired of acknowledging your superior coolness. Okay? Via Laughing Squid.

A Robot That Moves Like A Cat: Self explanatory, and certainly worth a look. Via Engadget.

Side Note To My Parents: Yes, per last week’s column, I really did cook an egg in an avocado. I’m fine.

In Conclusion: An old David Lynch anti-litter public service commercial (Via @gilbertjasono, via EV Grieve), is, frankly, inappropriately disturbing. And that’s exactly why we love David Lynch.