Monroe police searching for suspects after guns stolen during early morning smash-and-grab

The latest smash-and-grab incident in Western Washington saw a crew make off with guns from a shop in Monroe early Wednesday morning.

Smash-and-grabs are usually about getting cash, but this time police say it was all about the guns.

Monroe’s Armageddon Arms was hit with a vehicle used to smash through the storefront.

Ron Lewis is a Monroe resident who lives near Armageddon Arms and saw the damage for himself this morning.

“It’s a shame really. It’s a good store, good people. Been in there a few times,” Lewis said.

Lewis was on his morning walk and was concerned that a gun shop was the latest target for thieves.

“It’s pretty scary knowing that somebody local probably has a bunch of guns they shouldn’t have,” Lewis said.

Monroe Police Sergeant Chuck Fuller was at the gun shop this morning police started their investigation and spoke to the media.

“This location, it’s not about money, it’s about getting those firearms,” Fuller said.

Fuller said the crime may have happened sometime before 5 a.m. The car, a white Hyundai SUV, was left behind.

Police say it plowed through a bollard meant to protect the storefront, then crashed through the front door.

According to police, several people got inside and stole several firearms.

Fuller admits tracking down the stolen guns will be tricky.

“Once we have an inventory, and enter serial numbers in the database, we can track them, but it could be a very long time before we’re able to track those down,” Fulle said.

He said a passerby called 911 and officers got to the scene relatively fast since police were in the area.

The gun thieves got away in another vehicle and Monroe police suspect they drove south on Route 203.

Now, Fuller says the hunt is on for those suspects --and-- the guns.

“We have enough guns on the street as it is, then you end up having a greater number pulled out in a crime and put on the street and you have no idea where those guns are going so it is def a concern for the general public and law enforcement,” Fuller said.

Fuller also said that tracking down the suspects would be difficult since it is likely that the vehicle used to smash through the storefront was probably stolen.

At one point Monroe police actually put a drone to survey the crime scene. They’re also looking for surveillance video from neighboring homes or businesses.

Anyone with info about this crime is urged to call the Monroe police.