Monkey business: primate clad in coat spotted at north Toronto Ikea

The Canadian Press

TORONTO - Shoppers at an Ikea store in North Toronto weren't monkeying around when they reported a primate on the loose Sunday afternoon.

Customers spotted a monkey — clad in a pint-sized shearling coat — wandering around the store parking lot by itself around 3 p.m.

Toronto police say Ikea staff managed to lure the primate into a corner before calling the cops, who in turn contacted the city's Animal Services department.

Staff Sgt. Ed Dzingala says the monkey, who was "pretty scared," never actually made it inside the store and was picked up by animal services officers within half an hour.

He says the animal's owner contacted police later in the day and was reunited with their pet.

Dzingala says the "smart monkey" was in its crate in a parked car, but was able to let itself out and explore its surroundings before being picked up.