Monica Gifts Son Rodney $18K For His Birthday: ‘Invest In Yourself And Your Business’

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In a touching birthday tribute to her newly 18-year-old son, Rodney Ramone Hill III, R&B singer Monica gave her eldest teen a gift meant to keep on giving: an $18,000 investment to set him up for financial success in the future.

The investment is not a handout. Monica dictated her plan to provide her son with guidance to help him map out his business plan and ensure he had the tools to succeed. The platinum-selling singer revealed the surprise for Rodney’s milestone birthday in a heartfelt video shared on Instagram on Monday.

“Happy birthday. For your birthday, I’ll give you $1,800 to have fun, right? And I’m gonna give you $18,000 to invest in yourself and your business…and we’re gonna sit down and map out your business plan how you want,” she said.

The Instagram post featured sweet clips taken from throughout Rodney’s life, including when Monica gave birth to him, early birthday parties and clips of him with his younger siblings, 15-year-old Romelo and 9-year-old Laiyah.

@rodneyy You changed my life the second I knew I was pregnant with you!” the “Boy Is Mine” singer wrote in the caption under the compilation. “I wanted to be better for you, grow for you, change for you and accomplish things unimaginable for you!!!”

“Today I celebrate you!!! There’s nothing in the world we wouldn’t do for you!! HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY …. Love MOM ♥️,” she continued.

The magnitude of his mother’s special gift affected the teen. Despite maintaining his cool, Rodney’s reaction was priceless, somewhat bashful and likely overwhelmed in gratitude.

“That sounds awesome… wow,” he responded after a beat.

In a since-vanished Instagram Story, the Georgia native also thanked her village for their support throughout her motherhood journey.

“As I reflect on the beauty of today and the intimate celebration we had, I just want to say you all matter, and I’m so grateful for you,” she wrote.

Fans have since flooded comment sections reacting to the extravagant gift by the “Angel of Mine” singer on Twitter and Instagram.

“Awww! Happy Birthday Rodney!! Wow…great gifts! Especially the business investment! Love this!” one Instagram user said.

“What a generous mother! Giving your child the tools to succeed and also allowing them to enjoy their special day is priceless,” another user tweeted.

“Absolutely love this! ‘We gone sit down and [map] out your business plan,’” another user commented under the Instagram post. “Monica, you doin’ it and been doin’ it! Happy Birthday, kiddo!!”

Now that Rodney has reached this incredible milestone, we can only imagine everything he will accomplish, armed with his mother’s enduring belief and financial support.

“$18,000 to start a business! That’s black excellence and generational wealth right there!” someone penned in Monica’s Instagram comment section. “I love this. He’ll be on Forbes pretty soon.”