Moncus Park announces new community event space, b1BANK Backyard

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Moncus Park will be adding a new event and gathering space, officials have announced.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the b1BANK Backyard “will serve as a multifunctional space for community events, recreational activities, and personal reflection,” according to the park’s website.

The project will be built adjacent to the Paul A. Doerle Farmer’s Market Pavilion, which is currently under construction, among the park’s historic grove of live oak trees.

Renderings released Wednesday show a gravel-lined space shaded by several trees adjacent to the Farmer’s Market Pavilion. The project “features a sophisticated European bosque design — a grid of trees designed to boost ecological health and public utility, marking a key investment in the community’s future economic and cultural hub,” according to the website. The strategically placed trees are designed to create natural cooling zones, mitigating the urban heat island effect and enhancing the area for social and business engagements.

“Moncus Park is unique in its ability to support economic development while providing a sustainable setting for the Acadiana culture to thrive,” said the park’s Chief Administrative Officer, Jerry Vascocu. “The unveiling of the b1BANK Backyard is symbolic of the partnerships we have established across the Acadiana community and our commitment to future generations.”

J.P. MacFadyen, Executive Director of Moncus Park, expressed his gratitude.

“We’re incredibly grateful to b1BANK for their substantial support, enabling the creation of the b1BANK Backyard,” MacFadyen said. “This initiative perfectly blends commerce, culture, and nature, revitalizing this historic site into a thriving center for economic and cultural activity. It’s a prime example of how effective partnerships can transform visionary ideas into realities that benefit both our community and environment. We’re excited about the positive impacts this project will have on Lafayette and the broader Acadiana region.”

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