Mothers reveal the first time they truly felt like a mom: ‘It hadn’t really sunk in'

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 9 (hint hint, partners and kids), moms at In The Know shared the moment they first felt like a mom.

Whether it was when they found out they were having a baby, the first time they saw their child’s face, or the moment they were first alone with their infant, each mom has her own story to tell.

“After going through IVF treatment for so long, it felt amazing to find out our fertilized eggs had grown into embryos,” says Nikki, director of multicultural content at In The Know.

For Jeanine, ITK’s director of transactions, the reality of motherhood set in after her own mom’s visit.

“I was very fortunate that my mom was able to spend two weeks with me after my daughter was born. She helped me so much, but eventually my mom did have to leave,” says Jeanine, who has a 12-year-old daughter. “Definitely those first few days after my mom left was like, ‘This is the moment. It’s real. You’re a mom now.”

For Pam, whose wife served as the gestational mom for their daughter, bonding played a huge role in feeling like a mom herself.

“I’m the non-gestational mom to our 10-month-old. It hadn’t really sunk in that I was her mom, too, until we got home,” she says. “And I told my wife to please go take a nap. Not even an hour later, our baby is screaming her head off, and I needed to take care of the baby. So I gave her a bottle, and she calmed down, and that’s when I really started bonding and realizing that I was her mom, too.”

Now Pam, ITK’s audience development manager, is the gestational mom for their second baby, due later this year.

For me, as the mom of a 14-year-old and an 8-year-old, it was when the nurses placed my eldest on my chest the moment after birth. For such a tiny human, she had the biggest, most profound effect on me.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

And just like every mom might experience her first “mom” moment differently, celebrating Mother’s Day is all about personal touches and unique traditions.

“My wife and I established a Mother’s Day tradition. We painted sunflowers, which is really important to my wife and I,” says Nikki, who has an 11-month-old. “So I look forward to painting something new every year and watching our wall of paintings grow.”

“One of the highlights from my childhood that has been continued on with my daughter and myself is we really like homemade gifts,” Jeanine adds. “Even now, it feels really nice when my mom has held on to those things.”

Being from the Dominican Republic, Pam celebrates Mother’s Day on a different day than her wife, who is from Puerto Rico.

“In Puerto Rico, they celebrate Mother’s Day the same day that the United States does, so we’re going to celebrate Mother’s Day just for her on that day,” she says. “And then we’re going to celebrate my Mother’s Day when we do in the Dominican Republic, which is the last Sunday of May.”

To all the moms out there, whatever your first moment, however or whenever you celebrate, we’re wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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