Mom stuns TikTok with ‘life-changing’ hack for cleaning messy floors: ‘I thought everyone did this?’

A mom is going viral after sharing her life hack for how to sweep without a dustpan — although not everyone’s sure how to feel about it.

Cleaning hacks are nothing new on TikTok, where users have shared their tips for scrubbing floors, washing blenders and quickly drying dishes as they come out of the dishwasher.

This latest hack, by user @shimmyshim17, is equally simple, although many have called it “life-changing.” The TikToker, who goes by Shimere on the app, shared the cleaning trick in late April. Her video has since drawn more than 9 million views.

“A simple but game-changing life hack,” Shimere wrote in the clip.

In her video, Shimere wets the end of a paper towel and places it on her hardwood floor. Then, without using a dustpan, she sweeps a collection of small crumbs and dirt onto the paper towel.

Some commenters were extremely confused by the hack. Many asked Shimere why she simply didn’t use a dustpan — however, others had a different perspective.

As many users pointed out, the cleaning hack helps with small messes, as the wet paper towel easily picks up many crumbs and pieces of dust that a dustpan might miss.

“The people in the comments that are like ‘just buy a dustpan’ have OBVIOUSLY never swept before,” one user wrote.

“I literally clean my bathroom like this no matter what,” another added.

Overall, the majority of commenters seemed to praise the life hack, although many were shocked more people weren’t aware of it.

“I thought everyone did this?” one user asked.

“That’s seriously old school,” another added.

“Omg my mom always made me do this when I was younger,” another wrote.

Of course, the other knock on the life hack was its wastefulness. There’s no denying that the trick creates more trash than using a dustpan — but it does seem to be pretty dang effective.

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