Mom-To-Be Sparks Debate Over Kicking Guests Out Of Baby Shower For Not Bringing Gifts

Baby showers are supposed to be joyous occasions. Friends and family shower the expecting mom and dad with love and well wishes on their bundle of joy, as well as money, appliances, clothing and other gifts to aid the parents in the family’s new addition.

But in an Instagram video posted by @EarlyandTia, this mom-to-be wants you to keep the well-wishes and just bring the gifts!

Chicago couple Tia Ewing and Early Walker have gone viral over the video of Tia giving baby shower guests a questionable ultimatum.

In the video, Walker is thanking guests for coming out and sharing in the couple’s special moments. In the middle of the speech, Ewing grabs the mic and it all goes left.

“Some people came that didn’t bring a gift, and if you came without a gift, you can go ahead and leave,” Ewing stated.

Later, Ewing explained that she was having flashbacks of her wedding, where some stragglers came empty-handed. And this time she wasn’t having it.

“I said what I said! They can leave!” Ewing shouted on the microphone, as a less confrontational friend or family member attempted to take it from her.

Guests looked pretty confused as they were trying to figure out if Ewing was serious or not.

“I said what I said!” she continuously yelled, making things pretty clear.

Even though nervous laughter was the response from the baby shower guests, the internet was a little more vocal with its reaction.

Many Instagram users were split over whether Ewing was wrong for wanting her guests to arrive with gifts.

“A baby shower is to celebrate the life of the baby. Not just to be handed gifts,” wrote one Instagram user with the handle @ufoundb.

One Twitter user, by the handle @Woe-Man, even went so far as to share a screenshot of the precise definition of a baby shower.

Some comments even mentioned how some of the baby shower guests might have financial concerns, and that the soon-to-be mom needs to be a bit more understanding.

“I woulda took my gift and LEFT,” wrote one Twitter user by the handle @paaattyy. “This was so tacky. Especially if ppl not in a good financial space to even be able to spend extra but they still came for support. Bby showers are about emotional support & helping out the mom with what they need.”

“I feel like its ok to come empty handed because like some people have said some can’t financially get baby stuff,” added another Twitter user by the handle @Bbyglforeign. “What if somebody brought dollar tree pampers and she’s like what the heck is this or a gift card and she’ll not appreciate we don’t know what she is like.”

But some opinions seemed to think mom should have been more concerned about people coming for free food than getting gifts.

“Because nowadays people just show up for the plates chile,” wrote Twitter user @xareezy1.

“It’s tacky to come to a baby shower without a gift  You not about to eat and have a good time without ‘showering’ the parent’s to be…bye bye,” added Twitter user @vdaybday214.

Most would say that proper etiquette is always to bring a gift, especially to a baby shower or any other function.

Would you go as far as showing your guests the door or just scratching some people off the next invite list?