Mom Scolds Sons on TV


What’s worse than getting scolded by mom? Getting scolded by mom on national TV!

Brothers and political pundits Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, a Democrat and Republican respectively, were duking it out on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal on Tuesday when they heard a familiar voice during a call-in segment.

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“Oh God, it’s Mom,” said Dallas Woodhouse, dropping his head to his hands when he heard “Joy from North Carolina” begin to speak.

The brothers, who were on the show to discuss their documentary, Woodhouse Divided, are used to family bickering. Brad, a liberal, is president of Americans United for Change. On the other end of the spectrum, conservative Dallas is president of Carolina Rising. But they seemed to agree on one thing on the show: When mom yells at you in front of the world, it’s supremely embarrassing.

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Both men looked mortified as their mother told them that most families don’t have to endure political arguments around the holiday dinner table.

“I disagree that all families are like ours. I don’t know many families that are fighting at Thanksgiving,” she said. “I was very glad that this Thanksgiving was a year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws. I’m hoping that you’ll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas. I would really like a peaceful Christmas.”

The men alternated between grimacing and laughing as their mother told host Steven Scully that raising the brothers “hasn’t been easy.”

As the call ended, both sons said the only thing you can when mom puts you in your place: “Love you, mom.”