Mom refuses to let her child be taught by a 'fat teacher'

<i>Woman speaks candidly about why she won’t let her child go to a school with any “fat teachers.” (Image via Shuttershock/Hilary Freeman Facebook)</i>
Woman speaks candidly about why she won’t let her child go to a school with any “fat teachers.” (Image via Shuttershock/Hilary Freeman Facebook)

British journalist Hilary Freeman was searching for a nursery for her daughter — but when an overweight caretaker tended to her child at one of the trials, she knew the school wasn’t for her.

Despite describing the woman as “kind and great with children,” Freeman couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving her child in her care.

“She was only in her 20s, but she was already obese — morbidly so. She moved slowly and breathlessly, her face flushed,” Freeman wrote for the Daily Mail. “Would she, I wondered, have the lightning reflexes needed to save an adventurous toddler from imminent danger?”

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Freeman later opted to send her daughter to a school where “the staff are all a healthy weight” — yet she denies her decision was in any way discriminatory.

“What sort of unhealthy habits would she teach my daughter, who would be eating her lunch and tea there each day?” she asks, reaching for justification.

But readers aren’t buying it. The article, published Sept. 7, has received ongoing criticism on Twitter.

It’s not the first time the journalist has found herself at the centre of controversy, she also describes a Facebook discussion she joined to tell an “overweight” mother that “nobody is born obese.”

With a habit of disguising her criticisms as concerns, it doesn’t look like Freeman will be changing her tune anytime soon.

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“Perhaps I feel so strongly about this because I’m a slim person with a fat person inside, wanting to burst out.,” she explains. “My body clings on to every calorie it can. A doctor told me evolution had ensured I would survive a famine — not that useful for a 21st-century North London girl with a sedentary job.”

Could this be a case psychological projection? A misunderstood mom? Or plain old body shaming at its finest? Read the full article here and let us know what you think!

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