Mom of 6 Gets Good News After Refusing to End Pregnancy to Battle Cancer

When Heather Choate was 10 weeks pregnant with her sixth child, she received devastating news: A breast cancer diagnosis.

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Doctors advised Choate, 29, to end her pregnancy to save her own life, but she refused, saying she’d rather die.


On Jan. 6, Kiery Celeste was born completely healthy. Later that same month, the Colorado-based Choate family learned that Heather was cancer-free. Husband Ben tells their local CBS station that news was met with “relief and joy.”

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"I just got tears … in my eyes because that means we’ve done it — we have a baby here and things are looking good,” Heather — who still faces chemotherapy and radiation — tells CBS. To afford to travel to Denver every three weeks for treatment, the family is raising money on a GoFundMe page. As of press time, they have raised about $10,000 of their $17,000 goal. You can read more about her story and donate here.

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