Why this mom had no problems missing her daughter's assembly

<i>Photo via Facebook/Kristen Hewitt</i>
Photo via Facebook/Kristen Hewitt

It’s no secret moms will often overlook their own needs to be a “better” parent. So much so, that guilt and judgement can attach itself to any slight shift in priorities. God forbid, a mother put her own needs before her child’s. That’s what Fox sports reporter and mommy blogger, Kristen Hewitt, dared to do.

The busy mom admitted to ditching her daughter’s honour roll assembly to hit the gym on Monday, stirring up a mixed response on Facebook. But what some are labelling selfish, Hewitt sees as an act of self-care.

“So I did something that some may think is selfish recently, but I really needed it,” she wrote on Facebook. “I missed my daughter’s honour roll assembly so I could work out.”

“I started to feel the guilt creep in as I made this tough decision, but then I remembered me, and how hard Thanksgiving and the week that followed was with my husband traveling.”

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Reminding herself of the hard work and endless love she invests in her family, Hewitt realized she was on the verge of burning out.

She reflected upon “how hard it was to deal with the tantrums that were never-ending.”

“How hard it was to feel hundreds of hot flashes as I am transitioning to a new healing protocol.”

“How hard it was to manage my anxiety, the house, the kids, the pets, and work.”

“And how hard it’s been to not have one single minute to myself,” before deciding to make room for herself.

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The post continues: “I talked to [my daughter] about how proud I was of her, but let her know I have to work a game tonight and needed to take care of myself this morning. She also had her father and grandmother attending in my place.”

But then she said something amazing happened.

“She understood, gave me a hug, and thanked me for all I do for her. She also learned by example today that SELF-CARE matters.”

Hewitt wants other moms to know that loving yourself is a necessary part of parenting.”

“Sometimes as parents we have to make hard decisions and show up for ourselves instead of showing up for our kids. And you know what? It’s not selfish — it’s called self-love.”

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