Mom Knits Life-Size Copy of Her Son. So She Can ‘Cuddle’ It.

On today’s list of things you can’t unsee…

Textile designer and self-proclaimed knitter of “unknittable things” Marieke Voorsluijs has always had a close relationship with her sons. But as her eldest reached his teens and left the cuddly phase to which she was accustomed, she took matters into her own two crafty hands and knitted a replica that wouldn’t tell her she was embarrassing him.

This life-size, seven-piece knitted ensemble is incredible — and straight out of your worst Leatherface nightmare. Voorsluijs’s son of yarn features everything from Chuck Taylors to an iPod and obstinate graphic sweater — all carefully crafted with needle and yarn.

Don’t worry, Voorsluijs’s son hasn’t disowned his crafty (and cheeky) mother; this project was actually a way for the mom and her sons to laugh about the growing gap between their needs and to spend a little quality time collaborating on a crafting project.

That’s right, both of Voorsluijs’s sons joined in on the fun/horror. The two boys were in charge of creating the hat and striking their best “teen” poses.

The mom is affiliated with a yarn and knitting supply store in Holland called Club Geluk, and being spotlighted in this uncanny valley is no doubt bringing some welcome attention to the shop.

Finding time to bond with your kids and laugh about your differences? Though the cuddly faux son may initially be, well, terrifying, Voorsluijs may actually be that most elusive of crafters: a cool mom.

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