Mom hits staff member before meeting with principal about erratic driving, TN cops say

A principal scheduled a meeting with a parent to discuss her “erratic driving” — then the mom hit a staff member in the parking lot, Tennessee officials said.

Now, she’s been charged.

The woman is accused of striking a faculty member with her vehicle when dropping off her child at Brown Middle School on Jan. 25, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

The school resource officer was alerted to a pedestrian collision at around 7:20 a.m., and the staff member was taken to a hospital, according to deputies.

The school principal told McClatchy News the person has fractures in both legs.

The mom said she was “in a hurry to drop her child off and get to school,” deputies said.

The collision came two days after another incident involving the parent’s “erratic driving,” deputies said. As a result of that episode, the principal scheduled a meeting with the mom.

“As a school we set student and staff safety as a top priority,” the principal said in an emailed statement. “For that reason, we are and will continue to vigilantly monitor our campus, not only during arrival and dismissal, but also throughout the day, for safety issues and will address them appropriately if they occur.”

The deputies attributed the crash to the woman failing to adjust her driving for the “environmental conditions” at the time, deputies said.

The weather forecast in Harrison showed a chance of rain.

The mom was booked in Hamilton County jail on charges of reckless driving and aggravated assault.

McClatchy News could not locate the woman’s attorney records on Jan. 25.

Brown Middle School is in Harrison, about 12 miles northeast of downtown Chattanooga.

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