Molotov cocktail suspect sentenced to probation

Mar. 16—CATLETTSBURG — A man once accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail onto a motorcycle entered a guilty plea to amended charges in exchange for five years of probation Thursday in Boyd County Circuit Court.

On March 2, John Tidd, 35, of an unfixed address, was set to enter a guilty plea but Boyd Circuit Court Judge John Vincent wanted to be sure the victim in the case was aware of the punishment in exchange for Tidd's plea.

Tidd's original charges were first-degree wanton endangerment and third-degree use of a weapon of mass destruction, but in the plea agreement Tidd's charges were amended to wanton endangerment and third-degree arson.

In exchange for his plea, the Commonwealth recommended a probated five-year sentence.

The victim was present Thursday and informed the court that he was in full agreement with the offer.

However, Judge Vincent warned Tidd that if he was to slip up on his probation, it may be revoked and he could spend the five years in prison instead.

Tidd waived a pre-sentence investigation and was sentenced on the spot.

In addition to his five-year probated sentence, Tidd was ordered to complete 60 days in a work program, attend anger management, pay restitution and to have no further contact with the victim.

According to previous reports, the victim, Mitch Pritchard, tracked Tidd down himself at a homeless encampment after Tidd threw a Molotov cocktail onto the seat of his motorcycle.

Judge Vincent asked Pritchard if he wished to make any statement in open court to which Pritchard replied, "There's not enough time in the day to say what I think."

Tidd's attorney, Whitney Davis, asked Judge Vincent if Tidd was scheduled to be released the same day.

Vincent responded that while he was completing paperwork for his release, he had no control over the clerk's office's speed nor the jail's.

As of this writing, Tidd is still held in Boyd County Detention Center.

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