Moldova’s President Sandu warns of Russian attempts to destabilize Moldova in spring 2024

Maia Sandu
Maia Sandu
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Russia will again attempt to destabilize Moldova in the spring of 2024, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said during a press conference in the Romanian city of Timișoara on Jan. 13.

“We know that this spring Russia will renew its attempts to destabilize the situation,” Sandu said.

“Russia has been trying to destabilize the order and power in Chisinau, attempting to use the regime in the Transnistrian region.”

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Moldavan authorities are aware of these risks and are doing everything possible to prevent such destabilization, she added.

“We are talking to [the Russian puppet authority in Transnistria] and telling citizens about these risks, as was the case last year when Russia intended to overthrow the government,” Sandu said.

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There is still work to be done and vulnerabilities still exist, according to Sandu.

Moldova counts on the support of Romania and the international community in this matter, Sandu noted.

Previously, Sandu had said that Russia was attempting to establish a pro-Russian “government” in Chisinau to use Moldova against Ukraine in the same way Belarus has been used.

In Feb. 2023, Ukraine’s President Voldoymyr Zelenskyy announced that Moscow was considering orchestrating a coup in Moldova, in order to capture the Chisinau airport and use it to transfer Russian military assets to Ukraine. These claims were later confirmed by Moldovan PM Dorin Recean.

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