Modi confirms India's participation in Ukraine's Global Peace Summit

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India will participate in all important summits that promote the agenda of global peace, security, and development, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an interview with PTI published on May 20.

Modi has confirmed India’s participation in the upcoming G7 meeting in Italy and the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland. He has not yet confirmed his own attendance at the summit.

"The level of participation will depend on timing, logistics, and parallel commitments," Modi said.

New Delhi has been calling for a diplomatic solution Russia's war against Ukraine, while fostering close economic ties with Moscow. India became one of the chief buyers of Russian oil following Western sanctions, although pressure from U.S. sanctions increasingly threatens this trade.

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At the same time, Ukraine has sought to engage India and obtain its support for President Volodymyr Zelensky's 10-point peace formula, a plan that calls for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

Modi highlighted that an invitation to India recognizes its significant role and contribution to international affairs.

The Global Peace Summit will be held on June 15-16 in the Burgenstock resort in Switzerland. Over 60 countries have confirmed their participation in the global peace summit.

Zelensky previously ruled out Russia's participation in the event, as it continues to attack Ukraine on a daily basis.

Modi said that India will "resonate the voice of the Global South" at the upcoming summit, aiming to shape the global discourse.

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