Model Tries to Extort $2,000 From Jaromir Jagr With Post-Sex Selfie, Fails Because He DGAF

This is how you put a controversy to bed.

Recently, 43-year-old NHL legend Jaromir Jagr slept with an 18-year-old model. And while that's really NBD—and none of our business—the story took a weird twist and became public knowledge after the girl that Jagr slept with took a picture of him sleeping after the deed was done. The woman—or someone associated with the woman—then threatened to sell it to the media unless he paid $2,000. She was prepared to do what other women have done to pro athletes in the past (hi, Julian Edelman and James Harden!) if he didn't pay up.

Just one problem: Jagr DGAF. Additionally, he's single so he didn't have to try to hide the post-sex selfie from his wife or girlfriend. As a result, he had just one response for the blackmailer when she said she was going to put the photo up on the Internet for all to see: "I don't care."

That led to this photo coming out:

And if you can believe it, the story then got even weirder. After the woman let the photo get out, reports indicated that she is actually the one with everything to lose. She is reportedly dating Czech hockey prospect Domink Rudl—who has credited Jagr with being his idol—and almost immediately after the photo was released, it was everywhere. People have even turned it into a meme and started using the hashtag #JagrSelfie to poke fun at it:

S jakou celebritou spíš ty? #WinniethePooh#JardaJagr#Jagrselfie#bedselfie

A photo posted by Jiří Liška Tarnovský (@jiriliskatarnovsky) on Sep 20, 2015 at 7:28am PDT

So who really lost here?

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