Mitt Romney supporters, Ron Paul partisans brawl at Oklahoma GOP convention

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Throughout the GOP presidential primary, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who remains in the race for the White House, seemed to have some sort of unspoken truce. This led to speculation that the libertarian-leaning Republican would ultimately play nice with Romney in order to grow his voice within the Republican Party.

But as Oklahoma City NBC affiliate KFOR’s La’Tasha Givens reported on Saturday, Paul and Romney may have some work to do at grassroots level.

“It was an eventful day at the Republican state convention,” she said. “And most of the discourse lasted throughout the evening. We’re told the police had to get involved when a 70-year-old Mitt Romney supporter punched a Ron Paul supporter in the head after they disagreed on the vote.”

Givens backed up her report with cell phone video that showed one woman claiming to have been struck by another woman. She also interviewed the man that had claimed to have been assaulted by the 70-year-old Romney supporter.

According to Givens, the convention broke up after the lights were shut off. Supporters of Romney, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich then departed while the supporters of Paul remained.

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Mitt Romney supporters, Ron Paul partisans brawl at Oklahoma GOP convention

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