Mitt Romney Is America's Most Successful English Major

Mitt Romney Is America's Most Successful English Major

It's hard being an English major: there is a widespread perception that you are wimpy, lacking real skill, a bore, doomed to a lifetime of financial struggle, crippled by insecurity, deluded into thinking you are the voice of your generation, and possibly covered in sores. Yours is the 7th-most useless major, as ranked by Newsweek, "as determined by science." Even Garrison Keillor makes fun of you, bookworm!

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But chin up, impractical majors: Mitt Romney is one of you. At an event at Otterbein University in Ohio Friday, the fabulously wealthy and obnoxiously well-adjusted Republican presidential nominee admitted he was an English major. He even revealed a little of the pompous English major inside, billing the event as a "guest lecture," instead of an unpretentious campaign speech. Further, Romney told the college kids, "as an English major I can say this, as an English major your options are you better go to grad school," Politico's Ginger Gibson reports. 

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Romney got dual grad degrees in business and law from Harvard, and his powerful political family ensured he'd never be without a job. (Ann Romney has complained that during the grad school years, all they had for income was "chipping away at stock.") Nevertheless, English majors nationwide can take the presidential candidate's remarks to their parents to justify that MFA.

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Romney and President Obama have been fighting over college kids all week. Despite being one of them, Romney doesn't appear to have won over the Otterbein youth yet:

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