Mississippi Officers Allegedly Tortured 2 Black Men After Accusing Them Of Selling Drugs And Dating White Women

A group of Black lawyers is speaking up against multiple white police officers in Mississippi who allegedly tortured two Black men after accusing them of selling drugs and “dating white women.”

In a statement to News One, the Black Lawyers for Justice organization said the officers brutally beat and kicked the men, used a Taser on both and threatened to kill them. One of the Black men, Michael C. Jenkins, was shot in the mouth according to the lawyers.

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Jenkins was staying with Eddie Terrell Parker in a private residence when six white officers raided the place without a warrant on Jan. 24, the lawyers said. The officers allegedly handcuffed the pair after accusing them of “dating white women” and “selling drugs.”

After restraining the men, the officers repeatedly kicked, threatened and waterboarded the pair, Black Lawyers for Justice said.

Jenkins’ mother, Mary, said police told her that they shot her son because he “displayed a gun.”

“My son was handcuffed when he was shot in the mouth by Rankin County officers. My son is still in critical condition and has a long road to recovery,” Mary said in a GoFundMe page she created. “With everyone’s continuous prayers and support we’ll be able to get the Justice my son deserves. Not only Justice for him but every other innocent person male or female that Rankin County Sheriff’s Department has killed. Anything that is donated will be greatly appreciated.”

Mary also said there is a witness who said Jenkins didn’t have a gun.

“The witness told us that [Jenkins] was beat, tased and handcuffed while on his knees,” the devastated mother said. “The witness also stated that they went back and forth tasing [Jenkins and Parker] to see ‘who’s taser was the strongest.’”

Black Lawyers for Justice said “Michael has been clinging to his life and he is unable to talk, only write.”

“Michael has confirmed in writing that he was in fact handcuffed when shot by deputies. For several weeks since being shot, Michael has been in ICU at UMMC on life support,” the group stated in a press release to NewsOne. “Michael suffered severe injuries to his mouth and head including having his tongue surgically removed, permanent damage to eyesight and hearing, and suffering severe debilitating cognitive injuries. Surely the psychological and physical trauma will last a lifetime.”

Black Lawyers for Justice is demanding for the officers involved to be arrested and criminally charged as well as all body camera footage be released and made public.

Parker, who is not hospitalized, is expected to be present at a press conference on Wednesday.