This Mississippi Coast city is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in the US

A survey of 3,000 couples chose Bay St. Louis as one of the best places to honeymoon.

According to a survey commissioned by travel agents and content producers at Honeymoon Always, Bay St. Louis is the eighth most budget-friendly destination on a list of 150 American towns.

Honeymoon Always described Bay St. Louis, a beachfront town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as “a charming and budget-friendly honeymoon destination that offers a delightful blend of coastal beauty, Southern hospitality, and cultural charm.”

In addition to reasonable prices, the site said Bay St. Louis offered a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, affordable accommodations and great dining options.

“For food-loving pairs, the town’s diverse culinary scene offers delicious Southern cuisine and fresh seafood at reasonable prices,” according to the website.

Top 10 most affordable honeymoon destinations

  1. Cedar Key, Florida

  2. Molokai, Hawaii

  3. Edisto Island, South Carolina

  4. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Kentucky

  5. Apalachicola, Florida

  6. Skagway, Alaska

  7. Williamsburg, Virginia

  8. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

  9. Cooperstown, New York

  10. Solvang, California