Missing U. of C. student found in California, family attorney says

A Chinese University of Chicago student who had been missing since May and was recently found spent over two months working at a charitable organization in Los Angeles, according to his family’s attorney.

John Huang told the Tribune that Diwen Fan, 20, left the U. of C. campus on May 8. Fan then reportedly took a Greyhound bus to Dallas with a final destination to Los Angeles. According to previous reports, Fan had last been seen May 5. His parents had offered a $10,000 reward for anyone with information on their son’s whereabouts.

His family’s attorneys previously told the Tribune they thought Fan was on his way to San Antonio, Texas, since they believed he had bought a Greyhound ticket and was between Kansas and Dallas.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Fan stayed in California for more than two months, Huang said. The student lost his belongings, including his phone, credit card and personal ID. He then contacted his parents in China.

His father immediately flew to meet Fan in Los Angeles on July 24, and they are now back in Chicago, Huang said. The family visited the U. of C. campus and met with the college dean and other university officials Friday.