Missing Person Case Tied To Submerged Ford Pinto Might Never Be Solved

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Missing Person Case Tied To Submerged Ford Pinto Might Never Be Solved
Missing Person Case Tied To Submerged Ford Pinto Might Never Be Solved

A driver in Alabama called police in January 2021 to report the open hatch of a car protruding from a river. That turned out to be a 1974 Ford Pinto which had been submerged in the water since 1976. And that Ford was owned by Kyle Clinkscales, an Auburn University student who went missing without a trace.

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Since the Pinto was discovered, authorities have been able to establish it’s in fact Clinkscales’ car. Bones were found inside, as well as a wallet. But the case has grown cold again as answers about why the vehicle was in the river and what happened to Kyle in the moments before remain unanswered.

Image via Fox 5 Atlanta/YouTube
Image via Fox 5 Atlanta/YouTube

Last week, Troup County Sheriff’s Office officially closed the case, stating that tests ran on the human remains found inside, which reportedly included an incomplete skeleton, were inconclusive, says Fox 5 Atlanta.

Sadly, one of the reasons criminals like to dump cars in bodies of water is they can, over time, destroy evidence. It’s possible part of the remains were washed downstream, along with who knows what else. This is why whenever a vehicle is found underwater, it’s always an interesting situation.

Even though the Georgia Bureau of Investigation joined in the case, authorities could never pinpoint any suspects or establish definitely that Clinkscales’ disappearance had anything to do with foul play.

It’s possible that the college student fell asleep at the wheel and drove his Ford Pinto into the river while returning to school from his parents’ house in Troup County. It’s possible he was suicidal and decided to end it all. But it’s also possible he was murdered after being the victim of a robbery.

We may never know the truth.

Images via Fox 5 Atlanta/YouTube

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