Missing Michigan Family Safe and Well: Relatives

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Missing Michigan Family Safe and Well: Relatives
Missing Michigan Family Safe and Well: Relatives (ABC News)

Worried relatives of the missing Medsker family of Michigan, who disappeared without a trace in February, were contacted today by the family and assured that they are safe, police in Petoskey announced today.

Timothy Medsker, 33, his wife, Sabrina, 34, and their 4-month-old Joshua, disappeared in mid-February, taking their silver pickup truck but leaving everything else behind. Relatives told police they were worried for the Medsker's safety, had no idea where they could have gone, and couldn't fathom a reason for the disappearance.

But today, after widespread media attention about the case, Timothy Medsker contacted a family member in Petoskey, Mich., to assure relatives and the public that the Medskers were safe.

Police gave no details about where the Medskers are located or why they left. The Petoskey Department of Public Safety announced it was closing its investigation into the disappearance.

The police had previously launched a public awareness campaign about the family, who had strong ties to the community and no known reason to leave. The young couple had a cleaning business in the town where they lived.

"This is 100 percent out of character and very concerning," Kelly Manthei, Timothy Medsker's sister, told ABC News on Tuesday.

Police searched the home a second time this week and took computers and personal papers for clues about what happened to the family but here had been no leads.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. They even talked about attending a baby shower this weekend.

"All of their personal belongings were there including clothing, computers, food, paperwork – it looked like something spooked them," said Petoskey Detective David Schultz.

Police said there was no reason to suspect foul play.

"Anytime we have a missing person or someone who can't be contacted usually in a small town like this a few phone calls and we know where there at, but obviously now almost going on three weeks this is not the case," said Schultz.

The family told police they were worried that there was something more to the story.

Police believe they left by choice and likely traveling in their silver 2010 Ford f-150 pickup.

Timothy Medsker's mother Laura Medsker, offered this message to the couple Tuesday.

"We are so worried about you and Sabrina and Joshua we love you. Please just let somebody know that you're ok," she said.