Missing DNA in Rape Cases, Iran's 'Argo', and Extreme Weather

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire
Missing DNA in Rape Cases, Iran's 'Argo', and Extreme Weather

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Top Stories: When diagnosed with cancer, a graduate at the nursing school of Holyoke Community College, Martha Keochareon, wanted to give students at her alma mater a hands-on lesson in treating the disease. 

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World: The Iranian government is planning to counter Argo with its own movie about the Iranian hostage crisis. The killing of three Kurdish women, one of whom was the founder of a separatist group and the other of whom were activists, in Paris prompts "theories" but mostly mystery. 

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Politics: Because of opposition to gun control, the White House says it is only making an assault weapons ban one part of a proposal so therefore passing it won't be the "sole definition of success."  

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New York: ​The city's medical examiner's office is looking into 800 rape cases where "critical DNA evidence may have been mishandled or overlooked by a lab technician." 

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Environment: Around the world extreme weather is becoming the norm

Sports: Junior Seau, the N.F.L. linebacker who committed suicide in the spring, suffered from " a degenerative brain disease widely connected to athletes who have absorbed frequent blows to the head." 

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Movies: A. O. Scott writes that the Academy Award nominations proved that "2012 was not just a strong year for movies, but also for precisely the kind of movies that are supposed to be nearly obsolete."