Miss Utah flubs interview question during Miss USA pageant [VIDEO]

Each year during the Miss USA pageant, 50 toned, tanned and hairsprayed beauty queen contestants are given questions about global crises, and America is made dumber by having heard their answers.

One contestant usually screws up her interview so badly that it it deserves to be watched several times.

This year, it was Miss Utah Laura Chukanov who could not answer a question posed to her by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes, who is somehow qualified to judge the answers about society’s biggest problems.

Leakes asked Chukanov what it means for society that 40 percent of women are now primary breadwinners, but earn less than men. “World peace” would have made better sense than “we need to try to figure out how to make education better.”

Although Chukanov’s answer was hilariously nonsensical, she still landed in the top five.

Here is a photo of Miss Utah in a bikini:

Miss Utah
Miss Utah
Miss Utah
Miss Utah


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Miss Utah flubs interview question during Miss USA pageant [VIDEO]

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