Mira Filzah denies being in a relationship with Zizan Razak

The actress has stepped forward to deny gossip about her and Zizan Razak.

Mira Filzah says that her relationship with Zizan Razak are just as industry friends.

27 May – Actress Mira Filzah has stepped forward to deny allegations that she is in a relationship with actor-comedian Zizan Razak.

As reported in Utusan Online, Mira or Nur Amirah Filzah Binti Badioezaman says that her connection with Zizan Razak is just as industry friends.

The "Cinta Si Wedding Planner" actress said so after she was asked to elaborate on the romance rumours that have been spreading lately.

Previously, local portals had mentioned that Mira and Zizan were spotted at a police station to make a report after Mira had gotten into a car accident.

The 23-year-old was apparently accompanied by Zizan who was by her side for the whole reporting ordeal.

"Polis Evo" actor Zizan was previously linked to Datuk Eizlan Yusoff's ex-wife Vie Shantie, but both parties denied any relationship between them.

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