Minnesota Woman Calls Police On Black AC Technician While He’s Working, Sobs Uncontrollably And Claims To Be Threatened

Alonzo Harmon, a Black man who works as an HVAC technician in Golden Valley, Minnesota, is outraged after his client called the police on him, sobbed hysterically while speaking with the operator and claimed that he’s threatening her. Harmon recorded the woman as she was crying on the phone, then posted the video on TikTok.

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Standing outside the garage as the woman was calling 911, Harmon listened to her claims and struggled to believe what was happening to him.

“He says I’m rude, and he just threatened me right now,” the woman said on her call. ”

While he continues to record the video, Harmon asks the woman to tell him what threat he made. But she ignores his question and proceeds to talk on the phone.

“Please, please, please! I’m so scared right now!” the woman yells on the call. “I’m shaking right now! Please, please! …I’m so scared!”


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Harmon chuckled briefly as he remained in disbelief.

“I’ve never in my life had to deal with no bullshit like this,” he said before walking away from the garage.

According to The Daily Beast, a police spokesperson said officers responded to the call and “spoke with the gentleman recording the video.”

“He left with no further investigation taking place involving the incident that was called in,” the spokesperson said according to The Daily Beast.

Harmon, who went to the client’s home to perform an air-duct cleaning, said the woman was rude to him from the moment he got there.

“Just the way she cut me off when I tried to explain things,” he told The Daily Beast. “When I entered the home, the first thing she says to me is, ‘They let you do a job like this?’”

Once he actually started to try to do his job, Harmon said she “was over my back.”

“Basically, [continuously] asking me the same question on how I got the job,” he said. “What was my interest in the job, do I actually know what I’m doing. Like, do I actually know what I’m doing in the home and stuff like that.”

When the woman insisted that the company must have sent the wrong person, Harmon said he packed up his things and left. That’s when the woman called police.

“She basically was putting my life in danger, just because of what’s going on in the world with Black men and police obviously, police brutality, stuff like that, and just the way that she tried to portray what was going on,” Harmon said.

Although the woman isn’t identified by any particular race, Harmon said there was a language barrier between them.