Minke Whale Puts on Jumping Show Off Cork Coast

A minke whale was filmed repeatedly breaching the waters off the West Cork coastline, on Tuesday, May 3.

David Edwards told Storyful he was chartering a group of scientists for a basking shark research tagging project off the southern coast of Ireland when he “spotted a large plume of water”.

“We could very clearly see a minke whale repeatedly breaching and I decided to try to capture a breach on camera,” Edwards said.

Edwards is the skipper of West Cork Charters and said he’s never seen a minke whale behave like this before.

“[I] spend most of the year out on the water and this level of activity by a minke whale was a first for all onboard,” he said.

“There were far more breaches than I filmed,” Edwards added. He said that “despite it being a once in a lifetime experience”, the group “had to leave as our priority was to pick up the tag before nightfall, which we just about did.” Credit: David Edwards via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Oh, ho, ho, ho.

- Class.


- Ah, gees.