The Miniature Fabergé Eggs

Anthony DeMarco

Amid all the excitement of the recently launched Fabergé High Jewelry Egg Pendants, the unveiling of another collection of smaller, less exclusive and less expensive jewelry egg pendants from Fabergé has gone largely unnoticed. Known as “Les Frissons De Faberge,” prices for these miniaturized egg pendants reportedly start at $6,000.

While Peter Carl Fabergé is known for creating his iconic large Imperial Eggs from 1885 till 1917, the majority of the jeweled eggs produced by the company’s namesake during this period were actually miniature ones that were popular gifts at Easter.

In keeping with this tradition the company introduced more than 60 different egg pendant designs, which like the larger more expensive jeweled egg pendants, reinterprets Peter Carl Fabergé’s themes, skills and artistry.

The smaller eggs offer a choice of materials, techniques and styles such as carved stones and minerals, as varied as rock crystal, chrysoprase, snowflake obsidian, lavender jade, jadeite, pink opal, rutilated quartz, jasper and turquoise. There’s also a choice of quilted gold, brushed gold, engraved gold and colored gold. Enamels and lacquer colors include red, pink, green, yellow and white are available with Rococo gold-work and pavé-set gems.

For example, a cluster of Zénaïde egg lockets is inspired by traditional Uzbek textiles with their intricate geometric patterns set with precious gems.

Each group of small fine jewelry egg pendants has its own story to tell, from the 18th century Rococo style favored by Peter Carl Fabergé, through the tales of the minerals and magical stone flowers of the fabled “Mistress of Copper Mountain,” to the gifts and presents that were an essential part of life at the Imperial Court.

Individual collections include Oeuf Matelassé Empereur, in quilted gold; Oeuf Impératrice and Oeuf Impératrice Emeraude, with its lush emerald tassel; Oeuf Rosa Cloisonné, with cloisonné enameled roses; and Oeuf Spirale, with dancing spiraling lines of gems; and Oeuf Pur, in simple, silky enamels.

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