Captivating Hurricane Sandy Photos Taken By Readers

Nora Grenfell
Captivating Hurricane Sandy Photos Taken By Readers
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Williamsburg, Brooklyn: 10 a.m.

"Bracing for Sandy in Williamsburg." Submitted by Jenna.

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As Hurricane Sandy continues to surge, the Mashable community has been sending us photos of the storm. Many people have been advised not to leave their homes, so please stay safe as the hurricane continues. If you have any pictures to share with us, tweet them to @mashablehq, using the hashtag #SandyPics. Or, you can drop photos in the widget below (be sure to include a time and location with your pics).

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The storm has been moving northward and inland since its formation, as you can see from these satellite images taken on Oct. 26 and Oct. 29:

Sandy has already caused serious damage, so we'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on the storm's progress. Stay safe!


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