Mina Kimes lands $1.7 million deal with ESPN: report


Free agent NFL analyst Mina Kimes is reportedly staying with ESPN under a massive new deal that bumps her up to seven figures for the first time.

The details: Kimes, who currently appears on “NFL Live” and other ESPN shows, will now receive “a little more than $1.7 million per year,” according to sources cited by the New York Post. Her role is expected to stay the same.

Kimes is also reportedly involved in a separate deal with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions for her podcast, “The Mina Kimes Show,” which features her dog Lenny. Omaha and ESPN have a partnership agreement, the Post said.

Reactions: The deal marks an end to Kimes’ free agency. The news received mixed reactions on social media, with some expressing their support while others criticized her raise.

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One X user claimed in a viral post with over 22 million views that Kimes has “never played a down of football in her life” and that “woke” ESPN is no longer about sports “but promoting equity among the genders.” To this, Kimes, who is Korean American, responded with a clip of herself punting a football, writing in the caption: “Cope harder.”

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