Milwaukee couple battles backyard flooding

MILWAUKEE - An elderly Milwaukee couple said they’re in need of help as floodwaters take over their backyard.

The water in the backyard has continued to rise through the day on Tuesday, April 2. At 89-years-old, Frank Morales is doing all he can to keep floodwaters in his backyard from seeping into his home.

"It’s a pain in the neck because it’s just hard to do. I’m freezing my butt off," he said. "I have to get the hoses out, the pumps out, set them up so that they are draining properly."

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For 47 years, he and his wife Jean have lived at the home on West Custer Avenue.

"When we bought the house we didn’t know we were buying lake property," she said.

The couple said whenever it rains, water runs downhill from homes on the next block, leaving them with a muddy mess to sort out.

"I have a broom that I have been trying to sweep out, down through the properties out to 103rd to go out to the sewer," Jean Morales said. "It’s very frustrating all the loss that we’ve had and nobody seems to care or want to help us."

Buckets also sit along their patio to protect their basement, which, through the years, they say has flooded.

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Over the years, the couple said they have contacted the city but have never gotten any relief. They hope that changes by sharing their story.

"Our electric bill goes up, we’re both retired," Jean Morales said. "We’re not working so it’s costing us more money."

The Department of Public Works said they are looking into the incident.