Military intelligence: Ukraine destroys missile launchers, radar stations at Russian military airfield in Crimea

Ukraine destroyed several units of military equipment in an attack on a Russian military airfield in Dzhankoi in occupied Crimea on April 17, Ukraine's military intelligence (HUR) reported.

Ukraine's military intelligence on April 18 said that Ukrainian forces had destroyed four S-400 launchers, three radar stations, a command post for air defense operations, and air space surveillance equipment Fundament-M in the attack.

The total number of Russian military equipment, aircraft, and military personnel losses is still being determined, Ukraine's military intelligence said in its statement.

Explosions were reported near the airfield in the early hours of April 17, with local Telegram channels publishing footage of a large-scale fire. Later the same day, President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that Ukrainian forces had carried out the attack.

The local partisan group Atesh also claimed that the attack had hit Russian military equipment, as well as the command post.

In recent months, Ukraine has intensified its attacks on occupied Crimea, targeting Russian military assets in and around the Black Sea.

Ukrainian forces on April 15 carried out a missile attack on a command post in Crimea where top Russian offices were deployed, a military intelligence source told the Kyiv Independent.

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